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In researching the Battle of Britain and wartime era in Liverpool, I’ve found several great stories of note. Whilst not connected to the twelve pilots this site’s concerned with, I feel sure they’ll be appreciated by anyone with an interest in the Merseyside Few.

Agent Zig Zag in Liverpool

A safebreaker languishing in a Jersey prison cell at the time of the Nazi occupation, Eddie Chapman was recruited by the Germans to be a saboteur. Parachuted into England, he turned double agent, passing through Liverpool on his way back out to Germany.

The Fastest Kill

As it takes off from Speke on 10 October 1940, a Hurricane shoots down a Ju88 coming in to attack the Rootes aircraft factory next to the airfield. Taking eleven minutes from take-off to landing, this incident is known as the fastest kill of the war.

The Hitlers of Liverpool

Rumour persists that Hitler spent some time living in Liverpool. It is certain that Hitler’s half-brother lived in Toxteth with his Irish wife Bridget, and their son William Patrick was born and grew up in Liverpool.

For a surname borne of a transcription error and which only existed for three generations, it’s remarkable there were any outside of Austria. Certainly, the thought of a little scouser called Billy Hitler can make anyone laugh. And as for Adolf visiting? Find out more in Mike Royden’s meticulous research.

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