Wladyslaw Szulkowski: Acknowledgements

The magnificent South Lancashire Aviation site has a characteristically comprehensive page on Wladyslaw Szulkowski, from which much of the content on these pages was taken. Despite repeatedly emailing, I could not elicit a reply. I hope that my use of their material is taken in the spirit of honouring the pilot.

The 315’s Beginning page provided detailed information on the formation of No 315 (Polish) Squadron.

Polish Squadrons Remembered has an extensively illustrated section on No 315 (Polish) Squadron.

The following books also proved useful:

The Battle of Britain Then and Now (Fifth Edition) – Winston G Ramsey
Battle Over Britain – Francis K Mason
Men of The Battle of Britain – Ken Wynn

The following pamphlet provided statistics on the Polish contribution to WWII:

Poland’s Contribution to the Allied Victory in the Second World War – Andrzej Suchcitz

Thanks to Gerry Burke for finding time during a lunch hour to photograph Szulkowski’s name on the Battle of Britain Monument for me. They are his photographs in the Gallery.

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