Otto Hanzlíček: Acknowledgements

As with Wladyslaw Szulkowski, South Lancashire Aviation’s exhaustive site has a wealth of research on Otto Hanzlíček and this forms much of the content on The Merseyside Few. Despite several attempts to contact them I received no reply, and I hope that my use of their material will be taken in a spirit of furthering the honouring of these pilots.

Asistance from the Free Czechoslovak Airforce Associates Ltd was tremendously helpful in pulling together material from a number of sources worldwide.  Take some time to look at their website.


The Battle of Britain Then and Now (Fifth Edition) – Winston G Ramsey
Battle Over Britain – Francis K Mason
Men of The Battle of Britain – Ken Wynn
Eyes of the Night: The Air Defence of North Western England 1940-1943 – Joe Bamford & Ron Collier

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